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Elevate Your Garden with Our Handwoven Eco-Art Hanging Pot

Discover the perfect balance of functionality and eco-conscious artistry with RAD's Hanging Pot. Designed and meticulously handcrafted by Russell Simpson in the heart of Bend, Oregon, these unique creations are designed for growing your favorite flowers, herbs, or succulents, bringing nature's beauty into your living space. But they're not just for plants—use them as versatile baskets for household items, fruit, snacks, and more.


Product Details:

Dimensions: Each bowl measures 7" in diameter and 4" deep, with a total height of 16".

Material: Made entirely from 100% repurposed plastic bags, each Hanging Pot is a testament to sustainability and creativity.

Craftsmanship: At RAD, we collect, process, spin, and weave the bags ourselves to create these exceptional hanging pots, ensuring each piece is infused with artistry and eco-consciousness. Each planter is a labor of love, taking around 10 hours of dedicated craftsmanship to transform a pile of over 35 used plastic bags into a functional work of art.

Versatile and Resilient:

Soil-Friendly: Fill these pots with soil, pellets, or your preferred growing medium. The woven construction promotes excellent airflow, allowing your plants to thrive, while excess water easily drains out of the bottom for worry-free irrigation.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: These hanging pots are designed to withstand all weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Unique Design:

Color Palette: The Orange pots feature a Green warp (the vertical running threads that also create the arms) and an Orange & White striped weft (the horizontal part that forms the bowl). White & Green bags are sourced from grocery stores, while the Orange bags are repurposed local newspaper bags.

Please note that plants and soil are not included with your purchase.


Experience the beauty of sustainable living with our handwoven hanging pots. Each one-of-a-kind piece is a testament to our commitment to the environment and the fusion of artistry and eco-consciousness. Bring a touch of nature into your home with our Hanging Pot, where functionality meets sustainable art.

Handwoven Eco-Art Hanging Pot - White & Orange stripes, Green arms

  • Bowl is 7" diameter, 4" deep, for a total of 16" height.

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