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Large Pots - 14"

Large Pot for plants or household items


This Pot is approximately 14" tall and has a 14" diameter.  


Designed for use as a planter and can be filled with soil, dirt, and other growing mediums.  You can also store umbrellas, canes, toys, or other household items in it.


Can be used outside or inside.  It will resist weather including rain, direct sun, wind, etc.  You can clean it simply by handwashing it with warm water.  


This design has a single stripe around the middle. It is artisinaly handmade by Russell Simpson in Bend, Oregon.


This product is made entirely from reused waste products!  Approximately 200 used plastic bags were cut, spun into yarn, and woven around about 14 plastic bottle strips to create this pot.  


No plastic is melted or burned to create these Pots.  There is no tape or wire either.  The pots are woven and the plarn is tied with beautiful knots.


Each Pot is handmade with unique reused materials and therefore is a unique artistic creation.  They will have slight differences & variations from the specific pot shown in the photo.  


If the pot is full with soil, we recommend only lifting it while holding the bottom.  These pots 'breathe' very well and have excellent water drainage.  They contain soil, even sandy mediums, very well, but if you are concerned you can simply add a plastic bag liner to the inside.