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About Reuse All Detritus - RAD


The mission of Reuse All Detritus is to reuse all detritus.  

Reuse - We seek efficient and innovate methods of using detritus a second time.  Using minimal energy and environmentally friendly processes, how can we use what is otherwise discarded?

All - People are not good at sorting trash and recycling.  An ideal facility needs to be able to take in everything that a person will discard.  Machines with sensors and tools identifying and sorting items from a conveyor belt, along with mechanical sorting processes, are the most efficient solution.  Currently RAD is a small scale startup, so we are not able to take in All (or even most) detritus, but we will scale to this goal.

Detritus - The waste produced by human civilization.  An all encompassing term for trash, recycling, waste, packaging, and no longer desirable appliances and products.  Everything human made that is not in use.

Reuse All Detritus will scale from a home based business to a replicable facility capable of serving regional needs by reusing detritus to create elegant and functional products via expert craftmanship and design, and robotic automation.  Each piece of detritus will be reused in its optimal capacity, whether as a component of a product, composting, or art.  Our methods are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

When you buy a product from RAD, you are achieving several wonderful outcomes:

~You receive a high quality product

~You prevent human waste from entering a landfill

~You support a highly ethical business

~The product is a piece of art, a sculpture handmade by Russell himself

~You invest in mitigating Climate Change, pollution, & extinction of species

About Russell Simpson

Russell Simpson is a Maker.  



Ethically Good


Master of Architecture - University of Arizona 

Bachelor of Japanese Studies - Rutgers University

Polyglot - English native,

                     conversational Japanese, German, & Spanish, 
                     some Mandarin, Persian,  Sign Language, & French.

Experienced business owner:
                   ~ Russell's Art & Design LLC
                   ~ Lead Designer at Around the Bend Farms (non profit)
                   ~ Owner of Democratic Innovation Studios ( WePoll )

Artistic Proficiencies:

~Weaving                 ~Braiding & Knots                 ~Origami

~Sculpture in Paper, Detritus, Plastics, Clay, Stone, Wood, 3DP, etc

~Assembly              ~Construction                       ~Furniture

~Drawing                 ~Manual Design                    ~Digital Design

~Architecture       ~Design & Build for Clients              


Looking for custom sculpture by Russell?  Visit our other website here:

Learn about how Around The Bend Farms grows food for communities:

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