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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I adjust the shape of my purchase?
    Yes you can! These are handwoven goods and made from erratic & unique upcycled materials, so they sometimes taken on a shape of their own. But you can massage them into your desired form! Hanging Pots - if the bowl form is off, gently use your fist to massage it into shape. When you put soil into it, just lightly pack the soil on the sides to improve the shape. There is a hold at the very top of the arms which goes through the middle of one strand; this is intended to be the hole you put a hook thru, so it sits evenly. 14" Planters - Sometimes the plastic bottles, which run vertically, have too much shape and cause bulges. You can use your hands to push and massage them into shape. When you put soil into the pot, just pack it against the sides, and the weight and shape of the soil will improve everything. Cushions - They are stuffed with layers of bubble wrap, accessible from the back pocket. You can add or subtract bubble wrap as you like, for a thickness range of 1/2" to 4". We leave long ties on each corner, so you can tie the cushion to furniture if you want to. If you don't want to, simply cut off the corner ties with scissors. In the pocket, we leave the fuzzy ends of the plarn attached, and just tuck them in. This is to increase the amount of plastic bags sequestered, and reduce trash. If you don't like the fuzzy ends, simply cut them off with scissors.
  • How are my purchases packaged?
    RAD's commitment to recycling carries into our shipping process. We use clean but recycled cardboard, typically from household internet purchases. Then Russell uses his expert origami skills to fold the perfect size box for your purchase. We use clean but upcycled bubble wrap to safely nestle your purchases inside the box. Then we use the exact right amount of tape needed to securely close your box and protect it during shipping.
  • Can you do a custom color or pattern for me?
    RAD has the ability to do many types of patterns using weaving techniques. We also have a wide variety of colors available, but it really depends on the plastic bags we have in supply. We can also do different size items. Some of these customizations cost money, but some could be free! Please email us using the contact form to discuss any customizations.
  • I have existential questions about ethics and recycling and economics...
    I do too. Many questions and thoughts and experiments and challenges. Email me using the contact form.
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