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Investing in a Greener Future: How Your Purchase Creates the RAD Factory

Updated: Feb 26

Reuse All Detritus is on a mission to reduce pollution and create a circular economy, by innovating methods to turn waste materials into functional and beautiful Goods. To do this efficiently, RAD is creating the RAD Factory, which is a high tech facility which will intake all types of detritus & waste, which robots will process and upcycle in optimal ways, outputting excellent products, raw materials, and compost for farming.

The Problem of Waste

Earth's environmental systems are clogged with human detritus. The current trash and recycling program is not able to cope with the scale and variety of materials discarded by people. Many researchers recognize the need for a Circular Economy, where waste, packaging, broken items, and scraps are taken up, processed, and reinserted into the economy at their highest use level. The RAD Factory exemplifies the physical solution to this challenge.

When RAD started, Russell looked around for the worst bit of trash that had a reasonable upcycling process. Plastic bags are ubiquitous trash, floating by wind into waterways and oceans. Even when banned, thin plastic bags and film are used for countless products, from bread to appliances. Less than 1% are turned in for recycling, and the return programs are not efficient. Cross country shipping of loose bags and melting them into boards isn't very good for the environment either.

Our Ethical Approach

From the outset, Reuse All Detritus has centered on doing Ethically Good work that improves life. Our plastic bag upcycling process uses traditional tools like scissors, spinning wheels, bobbins, and looms. We decided not to melt plastic, for the sake of clean air, and also to create useful home goods so the bags would have a good second life.

We accept plastic bags locally, and currently are supplied by Bend residents, a thrift store, and a food bank. RAD operates primarily by bicycle, but is seeking an electric truck. We have already upcycled many thousands of plastic bags, thanks to a grant from The Environmental Center, a local nonprofit.

Russell looking good in thrifted clothes, during a photo session which was a fundraiser for a non profit organization
Russell looking good in thrifted clothes, during a photo session which was a fundraiser for a non profit organization

The RAD Factory Vision

The RAD Factory is the solution for pollution. People have demonstrated that they will not efficiently sort their trash. So, all material comes into the Factory together, mixed on one conveyor belt. We minimize the number of humans touching trash by equipping the Factory with an array of sensors and robotics. The sensors scan and identify individual trash items. Mechanical sorters & robotic arms sort the items and position them for detail analysis. Humans oversee AI software which makes decisions about the usability of each individual item.

Many things are repaired or upgraded and ready for sale to the public. Some just need cleaning or a fix. Other items, like packaging, are cleaned and sold back to manufacturers for direct reuse. Some things are upcycled into new products. Others are broken down and salvaged as raw materials. Some waste is composted, which goes to a farm on site, to grow food for the community. Everything to it's highest value.

The challenge of pollution and waste is enormous in scale. However, each geographic location has a generally similar mix of waste products. Once the RAD Factory in Bend is running sufficiently, we will be able to reproduce the concept at other locations, and at different scales. This factory is a prototype for the Circular Economy Revolution.

The Role of Customers

Every decision we make at RAD is guided by our mission to do ethically Good things that improve Life. We are part of the community, and strive to reduce bad things like pollution, while creating good things like beautiful, useful products. For this to be successful, the public, our customers, will both give us Waste, and purchase our products. Individuals, companies, industry, and RAD are all steps in the path of a Circular Economy, and materials and money flow through this system.

When the RAD Factory is running at full ability, it will produce very low cost, high quality Goods and food. But while the Factory is under development, our processes are less efficient then optimal, and generally much slower. To manifest RAD, it is necessary to charge enough money for products to keep the business operating. Currently all the products are handmade by Russell, who uses Architectural training to invent methods, and sculpture crafting skills to fashion the most beautiful products made from trash that you've ever enjoyed using.

A Greener Future - A small plant will grow into a large one in a beautiful woven plarn pot
A Greener Future - A small plant will grow into a large one in a beautiful woven plarn pot

Investing in a Greener Future

As our processes become more efficient, our prices will come down, but also will be increasingly made by automated machines. By buying a current product, you are receiving a unique sculpture made by an artisan, and investing your personal funds into the vision of a greener future. When you use your pot to grow food for your family in your garden, you will know that the story of the pot is as important as the food itself.

As the current world economy falters, we know that these are challenging financial times, both for small companies and individuals working on ethically Good projects. While RAD is confidently on the path to success & prosperity, the current operation is small and limited directly by funds. Russell spins bags in the living room and does commerce by bicycle, summer or winter. Our only storefront is digital, and there are many projects we need to turn down due to funds and space. It is important that humanity recognizes the value in supporting inventors and problem solvers who are striving to solve major challenges.


Reuse All Detritus works constantly to improve Life by innovating ways to reuse trash and create aesthetic home goods for the community. With support from our community, both in donating materials, and purchasing products, we will scale the business in the ideal solution: The RAD Factory. Thus, completing a major link in the Circular Economy, in a way that is efficient and replicable at scale.

The established trash system will not naturally pursue this, because of cost, complexity, and old guard stagnation. RAD has the passion, skill, and experience to create this solution, but we need the support of our community to achieve it. Please consider purchasing our products, donating your plastic bags, or offering your skillset, as a way of achieving a greener future together!

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