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Cultivating Your Garden in Woven Pots: Tips for Success

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Gardening in woven pots is not just about growing plants; it's an art that requires the right knowledge and techniques. In this guide, we'll explore the world of container gardening with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, perfectly aligned with our values at RAD. Whether you're nurturing vegetables like lettuce or enhancing your outdoor space with vibrant flowers, these tips will help you achieve garden greatness.

Selecting the Right Pot Starting with the right pot is crucial. 14" woven pots are ideal for various plants, thanks to their exceptional drainage and aeration properties. The lightweight, flexible construction allows you to easily move them to the perfect sunny spot or sheltered location as needed. The 14" diameter provides ample space for multiple plants to thrive, whether you're growing vegetables or flowers. The deep soil capacity ensures your plants have plenty of room to establish strong root systems.

The Soil Matters

For successful gardening in woven pots, use a high-quality potting mix. It should be well-draining to prevent waterlogged roots while retaining enough moisture for your plants. Adding compost or organic matter can improve soil structure and nutrient content. Fill your pot with soil, leaving a few inches of space at the top to prevent overflowing when watering.

Proper Plant Selection Consider the specific needs of your chosen plants. For lettuce, opt for loose-leaf varieties, as they are well-suited to container gardening, and cut-and-come-again, so you can take as much as you need when you want it. When it comes to flowers, think about your aesthetic preferences and whether you want annuals or perennials. Native flowers like coneflowers or zinnias can attract pollinators and provide a burst of color.

Planting Technique Create a planting plan based on the size and type of plants you want to grow. For lettuce, sow seeds or transplant seedlings according to the recommended spacing. You can fit 3 medium size plants easily within a 14” diameter, and 7 small size plants. Ensure the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. For flowers, follow the planting instructions on the seed packets or nursery tags. Water thoroughly after planting to settle the soil.

Sunlight and Watering Position your woven pot in a location that receives adequate sunlight for your plants' requirements. Lettuce generally prefers partial shade, while most flowers thrive in full sun. Be mindful of your local climate and adjust placement accordingly. Since woven pots are lightweight, you can simple carry or slide them around your garden. The soil is heavier than the basket, so always hold the pot on the bottom and use your knees, and don't twist your spine while you are lifting.

When it comes to watering, ensure consistent moisture levels. Water deeply but allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. The excellent drainage in our woven pots prevents waterlogged soil, reducing the risk of root rot.

Fertilizing Fertilize your plants as needed, following the recommendations for your chosen varieties. Slow-release or liquid fertilizers are suitable options. Organic fertilizers can also enhance soil health and promote plant growth.

Maintenance Regularly inspect your plants for signs of pests or disease. Address any issues promptly to prevent them from spreading. Prune dead or damaged foliage to encourage new growth and maintain the overall health of your plants. With woven pots, soil on the outside is exposed to light and wind. Sometimes weed seeds will settle in the small "shelves" created by the weaving. It is important to maintain and weed the sides of the planter, in addition to the top surface.

Harvesting and Enjoying Congratulations, your time and loving energy has paid off, and you are ready to harvest your vegetables and enjoy your blooming flowers! For lettuce, start harvesting leaves when they reach a size you find desirable. Harvesting outer leaves promotes continuous growth. With flowers, enjoy their beauty throughout the growing season. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers and extend the display.

Container gardening in 14" woven pots offers a rewarding and sustainable way to nurture your favorite plants. Whether you're cultivating a salad garden or creating a floral paradise, these tips will help you succeed. At RAD, we believe in the power of eco-conscious gardening, and our woven pots are designed to support your green endeavors. Happy gardening!

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