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Turning Waste into Wonder

We reduce pollution by innovating methods of reusing waste products to create beautiful, useful products.


Planters, Baskets, Pots, Pillows, Cushions, made from upcycled plastic

RAD creates Eco-Friendly Handwoven Artistry from Upcycled Plastic Bags & Bottles

We are now accepting almost ALL types of plastic bag donations from Bend residents, see                                   for details.

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RAD's Process

Diagram showing how Reuse All Detritus processes plastic bags, spins them into yarn, and weaves the yarn to create beautiful hanging pots, planters, and cushions

Want to learn the details of spinning plastic bags into yarn, and weaving our products?  Read this journal entry:

Architectural rendering of an upcycling factory interior

The RAD Factory

Design for a waste-to-wonder plant is in process.
All mixed waste will come in together. 
Sensors will identify specific items and robots
will sort, clean, and analyze each item.
Then each item will be reused in it's
maximum capacity:
~Direct reuse
~Reused in a new way
~Broken down and reformed
~Compost & onsite farming

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